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Another day, another bingo game!

I signed up for yet another bingo game. Bad me! lol I can't help myself. This is the Trope Bingo one. Looks fun though some of these topics are sorta unfamiliar to me. I am sooo green! lol

mind games curtainfic twenty-four hours to live au: college / highschool futurefic
au: space marriage sex pollen au: alternate professions sharing a bed
au: supernatural wingfic FREE

deathfic chosen family
handcuffed / bound together character in distress snowed in au: fairy tale / myth fake relationship
secret twin / doppelganger locked in unrequited love / pining au: crossover mind control
Title: Her
Fandom: Malibu Country
Characters: Reba Gallagher && Kim Sallinger (non-romantic)
Word Count: 1,552
Summary: Kim forces Reba to remember their past... A pre-canon one shot.

I remember herCollapse )

Week-Kneed 1/1

Fandom: Passions
Pairing: Jared Casey and Gwen Hotchkiss
Word Count: 1,039
Summary: It's the good kind of weak-kneed...

Wet 1/1

Title: Wet
Fandom: General Hospital
Pairing: Jasper "Jax" Jacks and Sam McCall
Word Count: 1,105
Summary: Jax punishes Sam for trying to steal the Dead Man's hand.
Rating: Mature, of course
Author's Note: I wouldn't say these two were soulmates but I certainly enjoyed their pairing, short as it lasted.


Our Moment 1/1

Title: Our Moment
Fandom: General Hospital
Pairing: Jason Morgan and Courtney Matthews
Word Count: 1,302
Summary: Courtney and Jason are trapped together and it makes all the difference.
Author's Note: I am a hardcore Jasam fan but Journey had some really great moments together, I will admit! This takes place in 2004.


We Belong Together 1/1

Title: We Belong Together
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Pairing: Mark Sloan and Callie Torres
Word Count: 1,300
Summary: Mark and Callie realize where they truly belong.
Author's Note: Admittedly, this is not one of my better written one shots but I hope you Mallie-ites like it anyway!


We're in Love 1/1

Title: We're in Love
Fandom: 90210
Pairing: Navid Shirazi and Erin Silver
Word Count: 314
Summary: Moment to moment with "Nilver".
Author's Note: These 2 are so endgame and I won't ever believe anyone who tells me otherwise!


The Flashback 1/1

The Flashback
Fandom: Port Charles
Pairing: Neil Kanelos and Serena Baldwin
Word Count: 2,067
Summary: Neil remembers what was and what almost could have been.
Author's Note: These two sooo would have been a supercouple! The banner shows how they might look all grown up.


Summer Storm 1/1

Title: Summer Storm
Fandom: As the World Turns
Pairing: Dusty Donovan and Lucy Mongtomery
Word Count: 2,045
Summary: Lucy feels guilty for not being able to save Jennifer's life.